Koh Pich – Phnom Penh – Cambodia – Riviera Project to begin in 2013

Canadia’s Bank’s futuristic $100 million Riviera project on Koh Pich Island will begin construction early in 2013, according to a company spokesman.

Riviera project manager Chen Hok said that two 28-storey buildings and three buildings of 38 storeys will be built in early 2013, while they are working with their partners to aid the construction.

The project consists of apartments, a supermarket, condos, offices, an amusement park and a two-hundred metre-pool running across the tops of the 38 storey-buildings.

“The expenditure on this project is not determined because the price of building equipment and materials are unsteady so we don’t know precise figures yet,” he told Post Property.

Ban Souly, the sales manager of Riviera, said many potential customers are interested in Riviera; its 104 flats will be purchased immediately after the company announces it is to sell some parts of the five buildings.

“Many clients are interested in condos after it was announced that the average price is $1,800 per square metre,” she added.

Sung Bonna, Director of Bonna Realty Group and president of the Cambodian Valuers and Estate Agents Association said this project is an opportunity to succeed in making Koh Pich became a busy economic center so it will be popular after completing construction.

“The success of this project is due to good location and circumstance,” he added.

Dith Channa, general manager of VMC Real Estate Cambodia, agreed with Bonna, saying it is in a good location and is different to other buildings in Cambodia because it has the huge pool on top and also offers entertainment, so it has the potential to attract local and international clients.

“The project is in a good location and environment that is surrounded by water and fresh air, as Chinese Feng Shui is a priority. On the other hand, it also updates the beauty of Phnom Penh and real estate as well as attract tourists,” he said.

Opening Ceremony of the D.I. RIVIERA Condominium Sale Center

ceremonyD.I. RIVIERA Condominium, the first five-start luxury apartment [complex] in Phnom Penh city, solemnly celebrates its opening ceremony, an extraordinary event with the focus of attention from millions of people, on January 23, 2013 with the attendance of a broad cross-section of mainstream media and distinguished guests visiting the already-built five-star model house, the advanced planning and internationalized design scheme and service concept of which have won admiration from high-end business people.

D.I. RIVIERA Condominium, a five-star residence
D.I. RIVIERA Condominium is located at the core location of Diamond Island in Phnom Penh where prosperity convergences with the surrounding of three rivers, namely the Mekong River, Bassac River and Tonle Sap River. The total construction area of the project is approximately three hundred thirty thousand square meters. Once completed, it will have the largest shopping center in Phnom Penh with the largest parking lot, a 150-meter high air club, a horizon swimming pool etc., which are all high class facilities. Looking far into the distance from this elevation there are panoramic views of the beautiful landscape of the city. The perfect location determines that the value of the investment properties at D.I. RIVIERA Condominium will never fall, but will yield unlimited increments in value…

Planning of the top grade apartment initially focused on the importance of quality of life and the philosophy of urban life in the modern era. The house type is not only good, but its light and ventilation are also better than [those of] any residences of apartment or villa type. Regarding the services of life support, security management and property services, since the apartments are more intensive and the spaces are narrow, the comfort levels of life in the apartment become more significant. The D.I. RIVIERA Condominium is a top grade residential product that meets international standards and is elaborately constructed, globally purchased and [achieved through the] cooperative efforts of an elite international team. Moreover, the project will also import Gao Li International, which is one of the top property management companies in the world, to provide a five-star hotel-level service of property management and a 24- hour a day intelligent security system. Every aspect is focused on to create a high quality lifestyle.

Apartment-type villa, future of Phnom Penh
The development potential of Phnom Penh as the capital of Cambodia and the center of culture, economy and politics is self-evident. Currently, the traditional residence in Phnom Penh is mainly based on villas and apartments. But, if we take a broad view of the periphery of Cambodia and the progress of urbanization in developed countries in Europe and America, the apartment class residential product is not only an inevitable trend, but is also representative of the improvements in the new way of life and the promotion of quality of life. The developer of D.I.RIVIERA Condominium believes that the way of life brought by the high-end apartment boosts the development of Cambodia’s economy, has an internationalized view and has an elite team with its own insights into the requirements of a quality lifestyle. For this team of people, the high-end apartment and the way of life of a villa is the perfect life, and the purchase of an apartment is no longer a pure investment action, but is also a basic requirement to improving quality of life. Choosing to purchase high-end apartments is a wise choice for both investment and for the self. According to the introduction of the sales director of D.I. RIVIERA Condominium, the key investment in apartment is location, product, complementary [features] and services. Only with all of these features can the unlimited potential of up valuation be achieved, and the D.I. RIVIERA

Condominium is not only located at the core location of Diamond Island, but the surrounding natural resource of three rivers is also beyond comparison. All these were built by the elite international team that was invited. The opening ceremony of the sales center today not only shows the housing product to all guests, but also hopes to pass along a way of life of better quality to people with the hope of creating a social platform for the customers of D.I. RIVIERA Condominium to enjoy the opportunity and development together. D.I. RIVIERA Condominium, the perfect residence elaborately built by a group of developers who have a construction dream, was born on Diamond Island. The dream-maker pushes residential culture to perfection in order to provide a five-star residence to high-end people sharing the same dream.